Talking points

•  Michigan currently has no regulations, definitions for scope of 
   practice, or standards for the education of midwives practicing  
   outside a hospital.  Nor are they required to report their outcomes 
   to anyone.  Midwives are considered "a-legal" and monitor 

The CDC recently reported a 29% increase in home birth, 
   indicating an increase in mothers seeking out of hospital birth. 

• This bill offers women safer options for birth by establishing clear 
   standards for education and defined scope of practice for 
   midwives in Michigan.

• This bill does not take away a woman’s choice to have a baby at 
   home or in a birthing center. It ensures that a midwife, as the 
   care giver who would attend such birth, is fully educated, 
   licensed, insured, and functioning within her scope of practice, 
   defined by attending low-risk pregnancy.

• This bill supports collaboration between and among midwives and 

• This bill insists that midwives are accountable to the women they 
   serve by carrying malpractice insurance and reporting all 

• This bill is an important step in keeping mothers and babies as 
   safe as possible, regardless of care giver or place of birth.

• We need you to support this bill so consistency in practice and 
   standard of care is present for any Michigan mother who hires a 

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