Postcard Campaign

What is the postcard campaign?
We have specially designed and pre-addressed postcards to Senator Jim Marleau.  Senator Marleau is the chairperson for the Committee on Health Policy that will read and review this bill.  We need Senator Marleau to call this bill to a hearing in order for legislators to actually work toward passing it.  If it doesn't get called to hearing, it doesn't go anywhere.  

We need you to let Senator Marleau know that Senate Bill 1208 is important and that he needs to call it to a hearing as soon as possible!  The postcard campaign is specifically designed to be an easy way for you, your friends, and your family to send him that message. Quantity matters! The more postcards we can send his way, the stronger our message of support.

What do I do with the postcard(s)?

Write a quick personal message on the back of the postcard, and send it on its way.  Pass them out to friends and family and personally ask them to do the same. 

How do I order postcards? 

Please use the form below to order postcards.  In the "message" portion, please specify how many postcards you'd like us to send for your personal distribution, and your mailing address. There is no charge for shipping - it is on us.

Here is a visual map of the postcard campaign participation so far. We've sent postcards from nine counties and over a dozen Michigan cities!

Thank you for helping us advocate for improved standards and safer midwifery practices in Michigan!  Your voice counts! 

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